Single Axis On-line Spraying Machine







Machine Specifications
The conveyor line
(1 set)

1.The conveyor line size: L5200 X W1000 X H750mm, the racks use detachable design.

2.The foot stool is made of welding 50x50mm stainless steel box section. The foot of machine is equipped with the adjustable foot cup within 30mm.

3.The belt use national standard six points dipatch (201#) stainless steel belt which is equipped with diameter 10mm 201# stainless steel bar .The spacing
is 95mm. The characterized of the belt is corrosionand rusting resistance,light and easy to wash, the width of belt is 800mm.The total length of belt is 10400mm.

4.The body is made of 2.5mm welding stainless steel box section.

5.The power system: The motor use taiwan WANSHSIN brand 1HP gear reducer motor.The transducer use

The taiwan DELTA brand 1HP frequency converter. A set of transmission shaft, transmission parts are equipped with.(the speed range is within 0.1-6m/min)

Water Curtain Spraying Booth ( 1 set )

1 The water booth size is W1200mm x D2100mm x H1850mm

2. Downdraft design

3. The bottom bracket is made of 50X50 stainless square box section and equipped with the adjustable M14 foot cup.

4. The tank is made by bending and welding 1.5mm 201# stainless steel sheets.

5. The top and side plates is made by bending and welding 1.2mm 201# bending and welding stainless steel sheets.The top and side plate are connected with
stainless steel screws.

6. The real plate and overflow tank are made by bending and welding 1.2mm 201# stai nless steel sheets.

7. The water curtain plate are made by bending and welding 1.0mm 201# stainless stee Water Curtain Spraying Booth ( 1 set ) I sheets.

8. The pump adpots 1HP taiwan tubular centrifugal pump. A set of PVC pipe and valve are also equipped.

9. The exhaust fan use a set of Taiwan hongsheng 3HP centrifugal fan.(the air volume in s 8000 cubic meters per hour,the wind pipeline is within 10m,
the turning place is less 2 place). The ventilation duct is not included and provided by the customer.

10. The light use one 40W explosion-proof light with hood.

11. A set of electric control cabinet is equipped and the electrical accessories use the waell-known brand.

12. The filtration system in the top of booth use the non-woven filter screen.( The high quality FFU filtration system are available, If needed,
you can inquiry for your sales)

Single Axis Reciprocating engine
(2 set)

1. the effective trip is within 1200mm.

2. The length of guide rail is 1300mm.The sliding rail use 25 series flange type self lubric ating linear guideway from Taiwan Hiwin brand with aluminum alloy
module slider. 3. One set of sliding module adopt 65x65mm special aluminium for the reciprocating engia ne.

3. The control system use Taiwan FETEK PLCFBS-14MCT. The speed and trip can be adjust able.

4. The HMI use the Beijing MCGS 7 inch color touch screen. All adjustable parameters can be visualized and the button operation is simple.

5. The motor use the 400W low-inertia servo motor driving from Taiwan DELTA brand.

6. A set of electric control cabinet is equipped and the electrical accessories use the well -known brand.

7. SM type synchronous wheel drive,the reciprocating synchronous belt adopts L special steel wire belt, one set.

8. The speed is 0-2m/s.

Automatic spray
gun and oil supply
( 1 set )

1. Automatic spraying guns:WA-101 series spraying gun 0.8/1.0/1.3/1.5/2.0mm nozzle for choose.The quantity is 8pcs

2. two set of paint pump is equipped.

3. one set of Oil pipe, air pipe,oil-water separator, pressure regulating valve, electromagnetic valve are equipped.

4. Auto cleaning system 1 set

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